Moving Cross Country | The Route: East to West

This is our preliminary route traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Berkeley, CA.

We want to make stops in Columbus, OH, Chicago, IL, also, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

This seems like a really advantageous adventure, but I’m very optimistic. With 3 young kids, we need to figure out the best places for families to visit. Towns with great parks, good-quality motels, and no racism.

The goal on our trip is to stay committed to the family photo op. Where and when opportunity present itself to witness some sort of postcard monument or scenic overlook offering views of Americana at its best, I vow to not let the cowardice of ease overshadow the greater goal of recording this journey with the same care and consideration I give my professional work.

It’s a special time in our life and it’s easy to just say skip it because the kids are crying, or we’re tired, or it’s late, or whatever the excuse is. But we must try no matter what. We’ll be better for it and years later, much happier that we did. That we stopped and took the picture.